Mr Gilleard studied medicine Guys, Kings and St Thomas Medical School in London. He was later ranked first in the UK specialist training application process for plastic surgery in 2010. He went on to undertake his plastic surgery training at the most prestigious teaching hospitals in London and Cambridge during which time he published many academic papers and won numerous awards. During his training he was selected to star in the ITV documentary Surgery School which gave a behind the scenes look into surgical training.

After he finished training in the UK, Mr Gilleard undertook the prestigious fellowship at the Rhinoplasty School in Istanbul. Here he was under the tutelage of one of the modern day Rhinoplasty masters, Sureyya Seneldir.

In his cosmetic surgery practice Mr Gilleard specialises exclusively in rhinoplasty and nasal reconstruction. He is a keen believer in attaining natural, long lasting, beautiful results and uses the latest virtual reality simulation technology to give clients a preview of what they can expect following surgery. 

Mr Gilleard is one of the few surgeons in the U.K. to use the Piezotome which uses ultrasonic energy to accurately sculpt the nasal bones with minimal damage to the surrounding tissues. This technology results in minimal bruising, a quicker recovery and less complications than traditional rhinoplasty methods.



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